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December 9,  2015  Staff Reports, Resolutions, Audio and Minutes


5A.  Minutes from the Regular LAFCo Meeting of November 4, 2015   Minutes
5B.  City of Fresno "North-Cherry No. 2 Reorganization"   Staff Report  Service Plan   NOD   Finding of Conformity  LAFCo NOD   Resolution
5C.  City of Fresno "North-Cherry No. 3 Reorganization"   Staff Report  Service Plan  NOD   Finding of Conformity   LAFCo NOD Resolution
5D.  City of Reedley "Dinuba-Fisher-Hemlock Annexation No. 2015-01"   Staff Report   Service Plan    Environmental Docs Part 1  Environmental Docs Part 2   LAFCO NOD   Resolution

6.     Consider Appointing an Ad Hoc Committee to examine opotions related to Commission action on the Fresno Sphere of Influence  Staff Report   Resolution

7.     Executive Officer Comments/Reports
8.     Commission Member Comments/Reports

December 9, 2015   Audio  Minutes