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June 8, 2016  Staff Reports, Resolutions, Audio and Minutes

Agenda   (Click here to see entire agenda)

The following Agenda Items have Staff Reports and Attachments

5A.    Approval of May 11, 2016 Minutes     Draft Minutes
5B.     Consider Approval of the City of Selma's "DeWolf-Floral-Fahrney Reorganization"    Staff Report     Servivce Plan    NOD     Initial Study       LAFCo NOD    Resolution
6.      Consider Adoption of Pinedale County Water District Municipal Service Review and Sphere of Influence Revision     Staff Report   Staff Report Addendum    District Response to Correspondence   MSR     Resolution
7.      Consider Approval of the Pinedale County Water District's "Pinedale County Water District Reorganization, 2015"    Staff Report   Correspondence     Exemption    Resolution
8.       Consider Adoption of the Mercy Springs Water District Municipal Service Review     Staff Report     MSR     Resolution


Approved June 8, 2016 Approved Minutes