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Cemetery Districts

Clovis Cemetery

Coalinga-Huron Cemetery

Dunlap Cemetery

Fowler Cemetery

Kingsburg Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery

Parlier Cemetery

Reedley Cemetery

Sanger/Del Rey Cemetery

Selma Cemetery

Squaw Valley Cemetery

Washington Colony Cemetery

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Community Service Districts

Big Creek CSD
Biola CSD
Bluffs CSD
Caruthers CSD
Del Rey CSD
Easton CSD
Lanare CSD
Laton CSD
Sierra Cedars CSD

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Conservation Districts

Kings River Conservation

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County Service Areas

CSA No. 1
CSA No. 2
CSA No. 5
CSA No. 7
CSA No. 10
CSA No. 14
CSA No. 18- dissolved
CSA No. 19
CSA No. 23
CSA No. 30
CSA No. 31
CSA No. 32
CSA No. 33
CSA No. 34
CSA No. 35
CSA No. 39
CSA No. 43
CSA No. 44
CSA No. 47
CSA No. 49
CSA No. 50
CSA No. 51

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Drainage Districts

Camp 13 Drainage District

Panoche Drainage

Silver Creek Drainage

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Fire Protection Districts

Bald Mountain Fire
Fig Garden Fire
Fresno County Fire
North Central Fire
Orange Cove Fire

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Flood Control District

Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control

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Hospital District

Coalinga Hospital
Kingsburg Hospital
Selma Health Care
Sierra-Kings Hospital

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Irrigation Districts

Consolidated Irrigation
Fresno Irrigation
Hills Valley Irrigation
James Irrigation
Orange Cove Irrigation
Riverdale Irrigation
Tranquillity Irrigation
Laguna Irrigation District

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Levee District

Lower San Joaquin Levee District

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Library Districts

Coalinga-Huron Unified School Library

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Memorial Districts

Clovis Memorial
Riverdale Memorial

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Mosquito Abatement Districts

Coalinga-Huron Mosquito Abatement District

Consolidated Mosquito Abatement District

Fresno Mosquito & Vector Control District

Fresno-Westside Mosquito Abatement District

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Pest Control Districts

Central Valley Pest Control District

West Fresno County Red Scale Protective Districts

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Police Protection Districts

Fig Garden Police Protection District
Orange Cove Police Protection District

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Public Utility Districts

Pinedale Public Utility

Riverdale Public Utility

Tranquillity Public Utility

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Reclamation Districts

No. 1606
Zalda No. 801

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Recreation and Park Districts

Calwa Recreation and Park
Coalinga-Huron Recreation and Park

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Resource Conservation Districts

Firebaugh Resource Conservation- 2021 MSR/SOI

James Resource Conservation- 2021 MSR/SOI

Panoche Resource Conservation- 2021 MSR/SOI

Poso Resource Conservation- dissolved

Sierra Resource Conservation- 2021 MSR

Tranquillity Resource Conservation- 2021 MSR/SOI

Westside Resource Conservation- 2021 MSR

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Sanitation District

Selma-Fowler-Kingsburg County Sanitation

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Water Districts (California)

Broadview Water

Farmers Water

Firebaugh Canal Water District

Fresno Slough Water

Garfield Water

International Water

Kings River Water

Liberty Water

Mercy Springs Water

Mid-Valley Water

Oro Loma Water

Panoche Water

Pleasant Valley Water

Raisin City Water

Stinson Water

Tri-Valley Water

Westlands Water

Wildren Water

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Water Districts (County)

Freewater County Water District

Malaga County Water

Pinedale County Water

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Waterworks Districts

Waterworks District No. 18

Waterworks District No. 37

Waterworks District No. 38

Waterworks District No. 40

Waterworks District No. 41

Waterworks District No. 42

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