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October 14,  2015  Staff Reports, Resolutions, Audio and Minutes


5A.  Minutes from the Regular LAFCo Meeting of September 9, 2015   Minutes
5B.  City of Parlier "Reorganization 15-01 (Avila-South)"  Staff Report  Service Plan   Initial Study   City Resolution Approving Negative Declaration   Resolution   Commission NOD
5C.  City of Fresno "California-Armstrong No. 2 Reorganization"  Staff Report   Service Plan   Findings of Conformity   City NOD   Resolution   Commission NOD
6.     Proposed Legislative Policies   Staff Report
7.     Municipal Service Review and Sphere of Influence Update prepared for the Raisin City Water District   Staff Report   MSR   Appendices   Resolution   LAFCo Notice of Exemption  Comments Received Day of Hearing
8.     Municipal Service Review and Sphere of Influence Update prepared for the Orange Cove Irrigation District   Staff Report   MSR  Resolution   LAFCo Notice of Exemption
9.     Commission Hearing Schedule for Calendar Year 2016   Staff Report   Resolution
10.   Renewal of Professional Service Agreement by and between the County of Fresno and the Fresno LAFCo    Staff Report   Resolution
11.   Executive Officer Comments/Reports
12.   Commission Member Comments/Reports

October 14, 2015   Minutes           Audio - Due to circumstances beyond our control, the audio of this hearing will not be available, sorry for any inconvenience.