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October 9, 2013 Staff Reports, Resolutions and Audio


Approve a One-Year Extension of Time for the: Staff Report
City of Fresno "Kings Canyon-Minnewawa No. 3 Reorganization" (LAFCo File No. RO-06-27) Resolution
City of Fresno "California-Temperance No. 3 Reorganization" (LAFCo File No. RO-06-28) Resolution
City of Fresno "Shields-Polk No. 4E Reorganization" (LAFCo File No. RO-03-32) Resolution
City of Orange Cove "Jacobs-South Reorganization (Del Rey Villas, LLC)" (LAFCo File No. RO-09-3) Resolution

Approve the City of Clovis "Shepherd-Sunnyside Southwest Reorganization" (LAFCo File No. RO-13-5) Staff Report - Resolution

Preliminary 2014 LAFCo Calendar Staff Report
Status of Fire Transition Policy Staff Report

Consider and Adopt Municipal Service Review and SOI Update for the:
Coalinga-Huron Mosquito Abatement District Staff Report - Resolution
Coalinga-Huron Park and Recreation District Staff Report - Resolution
Farmers Water District Staff Report - Resolution

Other Items:
Progress on the Fresno COG Regional Transportation Plan Staff Report - PowerPoint Updated October 4, 2013
Options to Consider if the Commission is Unable to Obtain Health Insurance With the County of Fresno or SJVIA Staff Report


October 9, 2013