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September 9, 2015  Staff Reports, Resolutions, Audio and Minutes


5A.  Minutes from the Regular LAFCo Meeting of August 12, 2015   Minutes
5B.  City of Sanger "Indianola-North Reorganization"  Staff Report   Resolution
5C.  Request Authorization for the Destruction of LAFCo Public Records    Staff Report    Resolution
5D.  Amendment to Employee Handbook to comply with "Healthy Workplace Healthy Family Act of 2014"   Staff Report  Resolution
6.  Extension of Time to Complete Proceedings for the "Jacobs-South Reorganization (Del Rey Villas, LLC.)"  Staff Report   Resolution
7.  Extension of Time to Complete Proceedings for the "Kings Canyon-Minnewawa No. 3 Reorganization"  Staff Report   Resolution
8.  Extension of Time to Complete Proceedings for the "Shields-Polk No. 4E Reorganization"  Staff Report   Resolution
9.  Municipal Service Review and Sphere of Influence Udate prepared for the City of Fresno   Staff Report  Resolution
10. City of Fresno "Sphere of Influence Revision"  Staff Report    Resolution
11. City of Fresno "Locan-Fedora Northeast Reorganization"   Staff Report  NOD    Initial Study   Mitigation Monitoring Program   Resolution  Commission NOD

September 9, 2015     Audio    Minutes