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LAFCo's office is closed to the public. Meetings or submittal of application materials are by appointment only.

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If you are a first time visitor, you might enjoy browsing through our website. You will find answers to your questions of "What" is a LAFCO, "Why" and "When" were we created, "What" do we do and "Who" do we serve? All of these answers and more may be obtained through use of this site.

If you click onto the "Hearings and Workshops" tab, the Hearing Calendar will come up. Click onto LAFCo Staff Reports to view all reports presented at LAFCo meetings. Each report is made available on-line five days prior to the public hearing. The public is invited to attend and participate at our public meetings and workshops.  If you miss a meeting, you can still hear it the following day via the hearing audio.

Another tab that you may find interesting is our "Municipal Service Review" (MSR) and "Sphere of Influence" (SOI) Program Page. State law requires LAFCOs throughout the State of California to review the efficiency of public services provided to residents. All of Fresno County's 116 Special Districts and 15 Cities are required to have prepared MSR and SOI updates prior to January 1, 2008. The recommendations of the MSRs dictate possible future changes to District and City Spheres of Influence (SOI).

Our goal is to provide an excellent level of service to the people of Fresno County. We believe that there are various ways in which we can achieve this such as providing all of our application forms on-line. We have also provided color and/or black and white reproducible maps of all Cities and Special Districts. These maps provide up to date City and District boundaries and SOIs. We have provided several LAFCo documents that you will find interesting as well as "links" to other State, Regional and Local Governmental websites.

We are available to discuss your LAFCO-related proposals and issues. We believe that a more informed public allows for better public dialogue and better decision making that benefit all of us. Please feel free to contact our office by phone, fax, email, or mail. We hope that your venture through our website will be an enjoyable experience. Please feel free to share your ideas with us of how we can improve our website to better serve you!

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